Photo expeditions and photography workshops starting from Brasil

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Below are all the Brazilian photographers and Brazilian companies that I know that organize photo expeditions and photography workshops that include photowalks to practice what has been learned

Waldyr Neto

Photographer and mountaineer, Waldyr Neto organizes mountain photography workshops and photography expeditions in mountains, for example, in Petrópolis (RJ), Três Picos and Vale dos Frades (RJ), Serra dos Órgãos (RJ), Itatiaia (RJ) and Serra do Lopo (border of SP and MG). I already did his workshop of Serra do Lopo and the expedition in Três Picos and Vale dos Frades, both were really good. I'll definetely go to all of his expeditions!

Site: A Magia da Montanha

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Know more about Waldyr's photo expedition in Três Picos and Vale dos Frades.

Hugo Chinaglia

Hugo offers a landscape photography workshop, taking advantage of Pedra Grande in Atibaia (SP) as the scenario for the practice of his classes.

Site: Hugo Chinaglia

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Know more about Hugo's photography workshop in Pedra Grande, Atibaia.

Victor Lima

The Brazilian photographer focuses his work in landscape astrophotography and offers workshops and expeditions on this theme as well. They occur in Brazil and abroad, especially in the Atacama Desert.

Site: The Brazilian Landscape

Travessia Expedições

Travessia, conceived by Tom Alves and Nataja Vidal, offers some workshops and, mainly, photography expeditions in Brazil and in several other inspiring places of the world. The company is from Minas Gerais.

Site: Travessia Expedições


Just like me, they love and understand the importance of combining photography with travel. The company is from São Paulo and offers several photography expeditions through Brazil and around the world. On their website, they classify their expeditions in some types: Northern Lights hunting, Landscape, Wildlife and Documentary.

Site: OneLapse

Fora Foco

The company offers photography expeditions around the world, prioritizing the traveler's interaction with his destination so that you have a real interaction with local people and local nature. Their favorite photography styles are travel photography, documentary, and journalism.

Site: Fora Foco

Imagens e Aventuras

The photography school, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, offers courses, workshops and photography services. In addition, they also offer photography expeditions to various regions of Brazil and also around the world. They will help you discover the place of your dreams and still learn and enhance your photographic knowledge.

Site: Imagens e Aventuras

Araquém Alcântara

Araquém Alcântara is considered by critics as one of the forerunners of nature photography in Brazil, in addition to gaining international prominence. Since 1970, he has devoted himself entirely to the documentation of nature and the Brazilian people. In addition to his books and photographs, he also offers nature photography workshops.

Site: Araquém Alcântara

Câmera Viajante

From Porto Alegre (RS), the photography school also offers photography expeditions to Brazil and other countries. The purpose of his trips are the technical maturation, the development of a personal photographic expression and the possibility of making new friends.

Site: Câmera Viajante

Valter Patrial

Valter offers a nature and night photography workshop, as well as photography expeditions in Brazil and in other countries, searching for the most beautiful nature and urban centers.

Site: Valter Patrial

Ricardo Takamura

Ricardo offers his night photography workshop in several regions of the country and also some photography expeditions.

Site: Ricardo Takamura

Espaço fotografia

Located in São Paulo, besides photography school, they organize a photography trip once a year to a destination abroad.

Site: Espaço Fotografia