Experience: Photowalk in São Paulo on Paulista Av.

Freedom • Connection • New Friends • Safer

4 hours total | Friday/Saturday: 13h30, Sunday: 9h

Does it happen to you?

Are you afraid or ashamed to photograph in São Paulo?

Do you love having your moment when you forget your problems and focus just on photographing what interest you?

Do you want to observe the details that would go unnoticed?

Do you want to access places that are not commonly accessed?

Are you alone wanting to photograph with a small group that loves photography?

Don't you know where or what to photograph?

Are you afraid of being robbed?

Our scenery on Sundays and holidays
Our scenery on Sundays and holidays


Imagine an inspiring environment of freedom and autonomy for you to practice photography :)

In one of the safest and most striking places in São Paulo :)

With surprises along the way :)

Offered on a world-class platform, Airbnb :)

Welcome to the Experience of the Photowalk in São Paulo on Paulista Av. \o/

What is the photowalk made of?

The experience has 3 important moments:

  • The initial photography chat;
  • The photowalk itself;
  • The photowalk closing with a surprise.

Filipe Morgado, who organizes the experience, will tell you a few more things.

Hello :). How are you?

Of freedom and autonomy

The photowalk is personalized and respects your preferences. Here, the one who shines is you.

Do you like to photograph very focused, without chatting? Great, you have that freedom and my respect.

Do you love chatting while you photograph? The same as before :).

In all cases, I will be there for you all the time. Helping you with the silence, with the conversation, with questions about photography...

At the beginning of the experience, we will talk for 1h to create a friendly environment of freedom, autonomy, and connection.

Not to mention that the Paulista Aberta, on Sundays and holidays, is by itself an environment of freedom.

Freedom and autonomy for you to discover and photograph new places in your style \o/.

Freedom to discover and photograph in forbidden places.
Freedom to discover and photograph in forbidden places.

Of connection and new friends

In our initial chat, we will get to know each other, share stories, see photos and a book, talk about the meaning of photographs and what I'm learning about authorial photography.

This makes the group come together and you will live a connection between the participants and the city :)

Connect with yourself, the city, and the other participants \o/.

Our initial chat :).
Our initial chat :).

Of discovery, creation, and experience

Discover your world.

Create your art.

Enjoy your time.

We will walk at the pace of a photowalk. With time to explore all the details that only photographers can see.

Focus brings clarity, allows us to perceive more of what is happening around, this gives us more pleasure and we also get better photos.

You will be free to discover the details, shapes, textures, patterns, architecture, colors, light, people, street artists...

Photography allows us to deeply enjoy our life moments \o/.

Photo of the photo of the photo of the photo... :P
Photo of the photo of the photo of the photo... :P

Of stories

Essentially, photography is made of stories and this is not lacking in our experience.

In our conversation, I will share with you about my life change, not only verbally, but with photographs as well.

I'll tell you what happened to me to leave my career as a software developer to write this blog about photowalks, photo trips, and photo expeditions.

Your experience will start like this:

Photography chat :)
Photography chat :)

Then we will continue to create our stories of that day by photographing on Paulista Avenue.

At the end, we will close our experience in such a way that the memories of that day will be present for a long time. But this you'll only find out when you come :).

Live a photowalk to be remembered \o/.

What you will not get:

The experience is not a tour with a tour guide, it is not a touristic walk.

You won't have a guide shouting to you, destroying your concentration, and asking you to walk faster without paying attention to where you are at.

Our event is a PHOTOWALK, NOT a PHOTO SESSION, nor a PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP, since I do not impose the learning to the participants. I teach photography according to the interest of each participant and when they ask me.

People who do not photograph complaining that you stop all the time, walk slowly...

During this experience, you will relax and forget everything else. You will just focus on enjoying the present moment \o/.

What you will get:

  • Freedom to discover and photograph new places;
  • An itinerary with photography in mind;
  • Experience of an inspiring place;
  • People who share the same interests as yours;
  • The photographer, Filipe Morgado, sharing knowledge with you;
  • Possibility to ask photography questions to Filipe during the experience;
  • Photographs and memories of this experience;
  • The pleasure of knowing a different and striking place;
  • An authentic photographic experience;
  • The feeling of having enjoyed life;
  • A surprise end;
  • The chance to join our annual book.

Come with us to build yours and our history \o/.

Who is this experience for?

  • For you who likes to photograph, no matter the level of knowledge or equipment;
  • For you who are not from São Paulo or Brazil;
  • For you who are living in São Paulo and surrounding areas :);

Discover something different \o/.